One Last Lesson

Yes! You can put away the Art Room and still have something to do. The students probably have the supplies for this artwork in their desks already. And the best thing (imho) here, is that the concepts and practiced skill learned in this lesson will give them something to do all summer or whenever they’re... Continue Reading →

Art is Basic on Peter Reynolds

Recently, I was I am often drawn into Pinterest... In fact, it's a favorite place to find inspiration and feel like I am staying in touch with my artistic self.  I see so many awesome lessons by art educators. I had to post about International Dot Day. You see, International Dot Day takes place at... Continue Reading →


It has taken me far too long to get these into the art room cabinet! Nevertheless, here they are! Some of these files hav samples and additional information ipertinent to the project or artist and some are just copies from the binder of lessons we bought. The lessons are sorted by grade: Kindergarten - Blue... Continue Reading →


From clay prep, to storage to products and management, gathered in this post are a few tips to help you with your own clayfobia so you may enjoy working with kids and clay. The more prepared you are beforehand, the more smoothly your lesson can go. Prepping The Clay Prepping Clay Balls: Most projects require kids to start with... Continue Reading →

Dia de Los Muertos!!

It's October - which means Dia de Los Muertos is right around the corner! I imagine all other parent art volunteers are thinking of what Halloween or fall project to do while I sit here wondering if it's not too soon to start decorating the halls with sparkly Calaveras. Both would be beautiful of course... Continue Reading →

Planning a year of lessons

Some of the lessons in this plan are from purchased curriculum that our school owns so I won't be able to post them. This is a work in progress, so I'll update and repost as it gets filled. Any ideas??

Megalithic Macho Moai Men of Rapa Nui

Model a Moai Statue! Pique a child's interest in history by recreating the ancient stone-carved statues of Easter Island using self-hardening dough or clay. “There exists in the midst of the great ocean, in a region where nobody goes,  a mysterious and isolated island,” wrote the 19th-century French seafarer and  artist Pierre Loti. “The island is planted... Continue Reading →

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