The exhibit is up!

Finally, the project/research that was done in the spring of 2020 was put up for exhibit in the Lied Library at UNLV in August of 2021. I’m so happy to see the photos, places, and people we researched in the display cases for everyone to see.

It is not the place we live, the people we share our lives with, or the things we possess—intimacy is in the moments when all of those things come together. Life is not just the big moments shouted from the rooftops, it is also that which is cultivated in our memories. A small girl joyfully drinks from a water hose as she holds her doll, a tent building sits in the baking desert sun proudly calling itself the Waldorf-Astoria, and a still life of one man’s room shows off his collection of treasures. In these details, we see our Nevada past, present, as well as our Nevada future. They give us a glimpse of who we were, are, and will be—Nevadans.

Intimate Nevada: Artists Respond is a deep dive into the images that document over a century of shared human experience. Never the easiest place to call home, Nevada is carved from the harshest land in the West. It’s been settled by people from all reaches of the world who have merged with its indigenous population to work, live and play in an arid land of promise. UNLV students Anne Savage and Lauren Paljusaj have picked through the vast collections held in the University Libraries, Special Collections and Archives to blur the line between past, present, and future by connecting images that they hope will guide viewers to find connection to the Silver State.

Follow this link to have a look: Intimate Nevada

Feel free to explore the page through the tabs at the top to find more information about the authors, research, and publications.


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