Residency 2012: 6th Grade Middle Eastern Tiles

We used bisque tiles.

The kids learned about symmetry in relation to Middle Eastern Architectural Decor.

Here’s the powerpoint – Islamic art, religion & culture:

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4 thoughts on “Residency 2012: 6th Grade Middle Eastern Tiles

  1. The kids made design on a 1 inch piece of paper and then repeated it 3 times to make a symmetrical design. With carbon paper, they traced the design on to the bisque tiles. Using a fine tip squeeze bottle, they traced the outline of their pattern with black glaze. After the black dried, they used colored glazes to finish the tile. After all the glazing the kids did, I put two coats of clear glaze on the tiles before firing. The grout is sealed, but there’s nothing on top of the tiles other than that.

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